Amiro 400


The YardForce Amiro 400 Review

The Amiro 400 is one the many models coming on to the market aimed at the ‘City Garden’. Designed to keep a small lawn in great shape keeping garden maintenance to an absolute minimum. A lot of modern houses have a back garden that consists of 3 fences, a lawn and a path. This is pretty easy to maintain but it still leaves the task of keeping the lawn cut. If you have to travel a long way to and from work even this small task can be a pain. The Yard Force Amiro 400 could be the answer to this problem.

An affordable robot lawn mower that has some great features and will keep your lawn looking fantastic and usable for the small windows of time you have to enjoy your outdoor space.

No More Grass Cuttings

As well as the tidy lawn that is ready mowed for you the cut grass will drop to the bottom of your lawn so there is no mess or grass to rake up. The mower can cut the lawn everyday (you have to start it off) so it only takes the top off the lawn which means cuttings are tiny. The sharp 3 blade cutting system dices up the cuttings into a mulch which feed the lawn as well which will give you one of the nest lawns around.

No Noise

The Yardforce Amiro 400 is a very quiet lawn mower. The small electric motor can hardly be heard while it is running. No more annoying your neighbors with a noisy petrol engine running on a Sunday morning.

Simple And Fast Installation

Installation is an easy task. This model has the pretty standard boundary wire system. Basically you need to peg out you garden with a wire that is provided. The wire is pegged to the ground and over time grows into the lawn so it is not visible. A small electric current is sent around the wire which the mower picks up and knows that is the edge of the lawn. You can mark out trees, borders and other obstacles with the wire.

Set up time is very dependent on the layout of your garden. If you have a square lawn with no obstacles it will be very quick. If you have to mark out a few trees and tight spaces it will take longer.

Adjustable Lawn Height

There are three set cutting heights that can be set. They are between 20mm and 55mm which are pretty standard heights. These are adjusted by a dial on the top of the mower which is easy to access.The cutting width is 16cm, it doesn’t need to be any wider for a small lawn.

Charging System

The battery provided with the mower is a Samsung 20V lithium-ion model that gives the mower a 60 minute run time and a 100 minute charge time. The mower will cut according to your chosen schedule and cut for 60 mins then go back to the charge station when it running low to automatically charge then go back out and finish the job. Mowing time will vary depending on the size and complexity of the lawn. My lawn is about 600 metres square and a cut takes about 3 hours overnight.

Lawns On A Slope

The Amiro400 will cut grass on sloped of up to 30%. The large wheels have plenty of grip to get up and down the slopes. This is a major advantage if you have a lawn on a hill. It can be really hard work to push a conventional lawn mower up and down, whereas, this model will take it all in it’s stride. Tricky shape and hilly gardens are the perfect scenario for purchasing a robot mower.

Rain Sensor

An automatic rain sensor will divert the mower back to the charge station if it starts raining. The cutting process will continue once the rain has stopped. It’s not good for the grass to be cut in the rain so this is a good feature.

Safety Features

The Yard Force Amiro safety feature include a lazer that will stop the mower if it is coming up to any obstacles. The mower will stop and carry on mowing elsewhere. There are also tilt sensors that will stop the blades if the mower is tilted or lifted up. There are important features if you have children or animals playing in the garden at the same time as the mower is cutting.

The Final Cut

This is a brilliant mower for the price, it is no frills but does the job. For those on a budget this is certainly one of the cheapest mowers on the market. It doesn’t have an app to control it but it can all be set on the mower which is no big hassle. This one will still cut day or night and will get the job done for around the same price as some conventional mowers.

If you are on a tight budget then this is a great model to look at.