Yard Force

We are going to have a look at a relative new comer to the UK robot lawn mower market, Yard Force. The have come in with a comprehensive range of mowers to help maintain lawns of all sizes. A very competitive range on price it is well worth having a look to see of any of the models could be for you. The distinctive style means they stand out from an of the other models available.

This range come from a brand that specialize is building tools to help you maintain your garden. From robot mowers to petrol mowers and more they really know what tools you need to specific jobs.

The 2020 Yard Force Robot Lawn Mower Range

Below we will run through the range with a mini review giving you a chance to have a high level look at what is available. If you think one fits your criteria you can click through to read the in depth review.

Yard Force Amiro 400

Probably the best value robot mower we have looked at so far. There is no getting away from it, robot mowers are expensive and there are other things around the home that you may prefer to spend money on. This is a no frills version that is aimed at small city lawns of up to 400 metres square. Putting that into context 400 square metres is still a fair size lawn. With the Amiro 400 you get all of the benefits of a robot mower at a very reasonable price.

As people start to realise that the benefits of a robot mower apply to small lawns as well as larger lawns there are more models aimed at the smaller garden coming on to the market. This is a fantastic starting point and should definitely be looked at.

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