On this page we are going to have a look at the power tool and garden tool giant Worx. They have been building affordable tools for the garden and home for many years and they have now moved in to the robotic lawnmower market with some very good mowers that have great reputations. Being a huge manufacturer they can use economies of scale to offer fantastic products at great prices.


The 2020 Worx Robot Mower Range

Below we are going to have a brief look at the robotic mowers available in the Worx range for 2020. Will will give you a brief overview of the model and then you can click down to the more in depth reviews if you think it could be the one for you. The aim of these overviews is to point out which mowers are going to be in the right range for you and allow you to pick a few to read more about before choosing.

WORX WR130E S300 Landroid

As robot mowers become more popular in the UK they are also being designed with our gardens in mind. The Works Landroid S300 is perfect for the average UK lawn. It will cut up to 300m square which is bigger than the average lawn but not huge.

This model also has another big advantage at costing under £500. A lot of mowers on the market are aimed at competing with ride on mowers but this is firmly built to make life easier and affordable.

It’s really easy to use with the automatic cut scheduling. It will go out at night and give you a perfect lawn in the morning. The Landroid app makes it simple to operate if you are not at home.

The robust design of the worx landroid s wr130e with large grippy wheels mean it will tackle some pretty steep slopes that would be tough with a conventional petrol mower.

With an adjustable cutting height of 20mm to 50mm and lots of configurable option this will be a great robot lawn mower for the average house.

WORX WR142E M700 Landroid

Stepping up a level the Worx Landroid m wr142e is designed to take on lawns that are up to 700 metres square. This is a fairly large lawn and will take a considerable amount of time to keep tidy in the summer using a conventional mower. You will be be able to keep every inch of your lawn looking beautiful without any effort. This model also will cut right up to the edges with the unique positioning of the blades.

It is a little more expensive but well worth it if you are struggling for time and would like to have a tidy garden. The slimline design means that the Worx M700 can fit through some pretty narrow areas of lawn making it perfect to cut around trees and bushes.

This model is also quiet compared with a lot of older models. The auto scheduling will work out when it needs to cut and unless you see it you won’t know it’s cutting.

With a variable cutting height of between 30mm and 60mm and the robust design associated with all Worx auto mowers this is a great buy for a medium sized garden.

WORX WR153E L1500 Robotic Lawn Mower

This Worx L1500 is built to deal with big lawns. It will cut areas up to 1500 metres square. It has an intelligent navigation system built in to make cutting quicker. Robot mowers that cut large areas can be run running for long periods of time so this is a real benefit.

Price wise, it is really good value. Coming in at under £1,000 it is a lot cheaper than some of the Husquavarna and other brands that are built to deal with larger areas. Even though it is designed to deal with big areas it is designed to cut into tight corners and will cut right up to the edges.

This is a real competitor to a ride on mower and take the hassle out of looking after a large garden.

As with all of the new Worx auto mowers there are add on modules you can buy to customise your Landroid. They include voice Control, Anti Collison System, Radio Link and GPS Tracker. The App to run this model comes as standard so that you can run it from your phone.

A fantastic robot mower for any price!

Discontinued Models

Below are reviews of older models that are no longer on the market. These can be really useful to compare to the new models or if you are looking to buy a second hand robot mower.

WORX WG790E Landroid M Robotic Lawn Mower

This is the first model in the range and offers some real quality for the price bracket. The Landroid M WG790E has a maximum lawn size that many others in its price range cannot compete with. This is great news for those of us that have gardens that are on the cusp of being too big for a lot of the basic machines as the Landroid M will cover you for the extra square meters you need to cover. To cover such a large area it has good battery power and a good strong motor that will even deal with some pretty big slopes. This is a very popular model in the UK for two reason; one it is cheaper than the rest and two; it is widely available.

In the UK the majority of properties have small gardens compared to large areas of Europe and the USA so the smaller range models tend to be fine to cover these lawns with ease. The Worx Landroid M will cope with anything from a small back garden to a pretty big patch of lawn that are only found at big houses. If you have a busy lifestyles and a small to medium sized lawn then this could well be the robotic mower for you. You’ll arrive home to the perfect lawn!

To read more click through to our Worx Landroid M WG790E Robot Lawnmower review.

Many households will have a Worx tool in the garage or shed, it may be a rechargeable drill or an electric saw. The range they offer is huge from electric saws to power drills and from push mowers to electric mowers. The products are distributed through some of the largest DIY chains in the UK meaning we will all have come across them at some point. When faced with paying a lot less for a Worx version of a tool rather then the big brand names like Bosch Worx often come out on top, especially if the tools will be used infrequently.

Robot mower price is a very important factor when it comes to making a purchasing decision. For many people a robot mower is a nice to have option that will improve the quality of their gardens and save them time but it is not an essential. A lot of the basic models are well over £1,000 so the Worx Landroid is a great option for those of us that would like one but are not too sure about a large investment. Most of us just want a basic cut to our lawn and to know it is tidy all year round so that we can enjoy it and would rather spend our money elsewhere.

Worx products are manufactured in China and distributed across the globe through the massive DIY retail outlets. A lot of Chinese exports have a bad reputation but the Worx team seem to have nailed the quality control process and have many very happy customers. The company headquarters is in the USA where the company have a strong hold in the DIY market and can keep a close eye on customer feedback. When it comes to Robot Lawnmowers build quality is very important as the mower needs to keep working all day long without a break and be able to tackle lumps and bumps in the lawn. The Worx range are tough robotic mowers that are well engineered to take anything that is thrown at them.

The range of robot mowers that Worx offer is impressive with all of the models having large cutting ranges for the money. In some cases the Landroid is half the cost of some of its competes that cut the same area of lawn. If you are skeptical about the price being so low it is well worth having a look at our in depth review and videos from owners that are absolutely over the moon with the product.