On this page we are going to take a look at the market leading manufacturer Robomow. They produce a large range of robotic lawnmowers to a very high standard and at all levels from the small flat lawn to the huge grassed areas that takes some serious professional maintenance.


The 2020 Robomow Range Of Robot Mowers

Below we will have a quick look at some of the models in the Robomow range giving you the opportunity to have a quick scan at which models could suit you before clicking down into the in depth reviews that will give you all of the detail you need on the features before making your decision.

Robomow RC304 Robot Mower Review

This is the entry level model from Robomow and offers a version of the expensive technology at a price that is affordable to the average family. A family with very busy lives just don’t have time to mow the lawn whether it is a massive lawn spanning a couple of tennis courts or a small functional lawn at the back of a new build. The RC304 is the answer for all of the smaller lawn owners and offers flexibility and performance giving you the perfect healthy lawn.

Just imagine coming home from work in the spring or summer and looking out over a perfectly manicured lawn knowing that you can instantly go out and enjoy it and not have to mow it. This model has so many of the great features of the higher end models and offers great performance for a great price. Remember if you have a large lawn you will probably need a bigger model but for the small to average size lawn this is the one.

A great model that is well worth exploring further, click here to read the in depth Robomow RC304 robot mower review and asses all of the features.

Robomow RS630 Robot Mower

This is the top end of the range from Robomow and offers some serious help in maintaining very large lawns. If you need to maintain a very large patch of lawn you will be well aware of the time it consumes and the expense of having it managed and buying the machinery to keep the grass at bay. The RC630 is a serious competitor to the tractor mower and will give you hours of your time back by cutting these vast expanses of lawn without you lifting a finger.

This robot mower is a serious investment but at the same time can save you a lot of money. When compared to the expense of a tractor mower it is comparable but the running costs are minimal in comparison. If you are paying a gardener for hours on end to give you the perfect lawn then this is a serious cost saver.

The powerful motor and large battery will power the RC630 for hours on end over the large areas without any problem and will park itself up again once it is done. The perfect tool for the large garden and one that will be indispensable once you have got used to it.

Click here for the in depth Robomow RS630 review and a good look at the RC630 features.

Robomow RS622 Robot Mower

This is another high end robotic mower from the Robomow range. It doesn’t quite have the lawn cutting capacity of the RS630 but will still cut some pretty massive lawns. This is a serious mower that will put you tractor mower to shame and in the long run will save a vast amount of money on a gardener. You can wake up every morning to the perfect looking lawn with no cutting and a massive extra area of storage back as you don’t need to store a huge mower. Full of great gadgets including a smart phone app and a really environmentally friendly alternative to the tractor mower. A top product from Robomow. Once you own one there is no turning back!

To read more about the Robomow RS622 click here for the detailed review.

Robomow RC312 Robot Mower

Do you have a lawn that is pretty large with some steep slopes and different areas that is getting on top of you. You may be on the border of whether you need a ride on mower or a gardener but just not sure. If that is you then you should invest in the Robomow RC312 to deal with the lawn on a daily basis. Giving you perfect lawn every day of the year for a small investment compared to a tractor mower. You will be delighted when you have plenty of time to do the things you enjoy and then come home to a perfectly cut lawn. This has some great features like zone cutting and rain sensors to treat your lawn with absolute care. This is a very efficient and environmentally friendly mower compared to its petrol equivalents and offers so much more then just being a mower.

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Robomow RC308 Robot Mower

The RC308 is aimed at the average family that want a perfect lawn and don’t have the time to manage it. Without breaking the bank this model will automatically cut your lawn to a very high standard making it ready to use on all of the beautiful days. Most of us are not keen gardeners and would love to have this job dealt with for us. By purchasing the RC308 you can have a pristine lawn with no effort for a price that won’t break the bank. This model has all of the high end features you would expect from Robomow including an app to connect to the mower remotely. A great robot mower that will appeal to many households.

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We hope that one of the Robomow models fits with your garden needs. If you are still not sure if one of these models is for you then why not have a look at some of our other manufacturer and model reviews.

A Company On A Mission

When it come to breaking a new technology it takes individuals and companies with a serious focus and mission to drive the idea forward. Many of the big companies get set in their ways and don’t want to push anything new as they are sitting back and making great profits from the products they already offer.

The Robomow founders had a burning desire to offer the robotic mower technology to the market and make people realise that this is the way forward when it comes to lawn maintenance. With two significant technologies on the rise in the form of robotic sensors and the advances in electric motor and battery technology it was the perfect time to push this idea forward.

Founded in the mid nineties the brand have accumulated 30 years in this market producing a product that not everybody still knows exists! This dedication to the cause has slowly pushed robotic mowers into the main stream and now they are being produced by many of the large manufacturers.

Originally started in Israel the company is now a major supplier of robot mowers to the United States and Europe in a very fast growing market.

Not happy to sit back with the success of the 2020 Robomow range they are still pushing forwards with new features and advances in the technology. A really inspiring brand with a great story and a range of fine robot mowers.