McCulloch Robotic Mowers

Lets have a look at the range of McCulloch automatic mowers that are available in 2020. They are available in a number of retailers including Amazon, Argos, B&Q and others. The range covers small to medium sized lawns which is great for the UK market and with many great customer comments and reviews they are worth looking at. Have a run through our McCulloch robot mower reviews below to see if any of them are right for you.

McCulloch ROB R1000 Robot Mower

The McColloch R1000 is a really good model for medium sized gardens. It is fully programmable so you can set the time that you want the lawns cut. A lot of people prefer the night time so the garden is usable all day. It will cover pretty large lawns, 1,000 square metres is roughly a quarter of an acre.

Cutting height is between 20mm and 50mm which is pretty standard for most models, this should give you a large enough range depending on how you prefer your lawn kept. All of the grass clippings are finely chopped up and left on the lawn. This leaves no mess as the ROB R1000 cuts every day so only cuts a fine layer off the top of the lawn. This model cuts in the rain and the dry depending on how you set it up.

The set up and running of this model is pretty standard. You need to insert a perimeter wire into the edge of the lawn which will gradually become invisible as it gets grown over. The pegs and wire are included so you are ready to go straight out of the box.

When you look at McCulloch R1000 v Worx M700 the ROB R1000 has the edge in a couple of areas. Price wise they are very similar between £800 and £850 but the R1000 will cut a slightly larger lawn at 1,000 square metres as opposed to 700 square metres.

With plenty of good reviews on sites such as Amazon and Argos this is definitely a model worth looking at.

McCulloch ROB 600 Robotic Lawn Mower

The R600 is a great competitor to other models like the Bosch and Landroids that will cut areas of lawn up to 600 metres. Big enough to save you a fair amount of time in the summer when you need to do two cuts per week to keep the garden looking good and usable.

It’s a good bit cheaper in price compared to the Worx M700 at just under £500. This makes it a real competitor to a large petrol push mower. In years gone by the Automatic mowers have been a luxury but now they are a real option for most people with a medium sized garden.

The features are pretty standard on the ROB 600 Robot Mower, it has programmable cutting schedule and is very easy to set up. The perimeter wire and pegs come delivered with the mower.

If you garden is on a slope or an awkward shape that takes a lot of effort to mow by hand then this could help you out. It can cope with slopes of up to 25% which is pretty steep and will cut around trees and bushes with no issue as long as the access is wide enough.

Security wise it has a load alarm if it is lifted up without the PIN code. Important as it will be outside in your garden most of the time. A great option with some brilliant customer feedback. We recommend you consider this model for a medium sized lawn.