Automower 305

On this page we are going to have a good look at the Automower 305 from Husqvarna. This robust model is built for the average size lawn of up to 500 square meters making it very affordable for the average home. Husqvarna are renowned for building some of the best robot lawnmowers but have typically gone for the high end of the market producing models that cut large lawns. Now you can have a piece of this well built technology in your home.


The Husqvarna Automower 305 Review

This is a great robot lawn mower for the smaller gardens. With a maximum cut area of 500 square meters this is designed to assist the busy home keep a tidy well cut lawn that look great all year round. The technology in this mower is built using the knowledge from the high end models that have been so successful for Husqvarna. A really good model for the normal garden. Once you own one of these your garden will look great and you will be able to go and enjoy yourself doing other things that you enjoy.


Below are just a few of the benefits of the Automower 305.

  • Effortless lawn cutting.
  • Maintain a prefect lawn.
  • Spend time enjoying the lawn not cutting it.
  • Very quiet lawn mower.
  • Saves a lot of space.


There are not too many downsides to this but there are a few.

  • No rain sensor.
  • Takes a long time to cut the lawn.
  • Won’t go up or down steps.
  • Only for smaller gardens.


Installing the Automower will take around and hour. You need to set the perimeter of your lawn by pegging down a perimeter wire around the edges and around any obstacles like trees and borders. The mower will use this wire as a border and won’t cut beyond it. Once the perimeter is set out you need to connect up the charge station and place the mower on it. Set you cutting schedule and let it go. In the box you get 150 metres of perimeter wire and 200 pegs that should be more then enough for the lawn area. Once it is set up you are away you will get a perfect lawn that is ready to use at any time. Set up really is easy for the smaller lawns and is well worth the time for the benefits you get back.

Value For Money

This is very good value for money. Previously if you wanted a robot mower for a smaller garden you had to purchase a very expensive model from Husqvarna that would cut small to large size lawns. This model keeps the cost down by limiting the size of lawn it cuts which makes it a more realistic competitor to the conventional mower. Although a little more of an investment than a conventional mower you will end up with a beautiful lawn and more time to spend doing the things you enjoy.


In a busy modern house safety is the biggest priority. Having a mower working on its own means it needs to be safe. Husqvarna have included some great safety features, the tilt and lift sensors will cut out the blade immediately if the 305 is lifted up or tilts to one side and the bump sensor will stop the blade and send the mower in a different directions. The PIN code will stop the children from starting the mower up and it can be scheduled to cut when nobody is on the lawn. A very safe mower that you can leave in the garden with confidence.

The Husqvarna Automower 305 Features

The features on the 305 are basic but more then good enough to manage a small lawn effectively. Have a look at the features and see if they will work in your garden.

Self Charging

The lithium ion battery will charge itself as it mows the lawn. The mower will go out and cut for around 45 minutes to an hour before going back to the charge station for an hour and a half to re charge before heading back out to the lawn to carry on the cut.

Scheduled Lawn Cutting

You can either set the mower to run automatically or set it to cut when you want it and set rest days. If you set it to auto it will head out and cut the lawn as it sees fit giving you a great finish. The mower has no pattern to cutting the lawn it will randomly travel around inside the perimeter wire until the job is done. You may want to switch it off at weekends when you use the lawn.

Quiet Mowing

The Automower 305 is very quiet. The noise it generates is no more then 60 decibels which means you can schedule it to cut late at night or early in the morning without upsetting the neighbours. You will be able to wake up every morning to a freshly cut lawn.

No Grass Clippings

As the Automower 305 cuts the lawn regularly it will keep the lawn short and chop the cuttings up into very fine dust like pieces as it goes. This drops to the bottom of the lawn and feeds it which will make the lawn look very green and healthy. This is known as mulching and is a big benefit to robotic mowers.

Adjustable Lawn Height

With a very easy to use height control you can adjust the height of the blades between 20mm and 50mm to get the required lawn height. When you start using it the highest setting is a good place to start and gradually lower it until you get the required lawn height.

Anti Theft Security

The Automower 305 is fitted with a few good anti theft devices. It has a PIN code that is needed to start or schedule the mower. once it is removed from the base station it can’t be used again without the PIN being entered. There is an alarm fitted that will go off if it is removed from the base station. The other big security feature is that it is quiet and small meaning not many people will know it is there!

Cuts In Any Weather

The 305 is built to withstand the pretty harsh weather that the UK winters can throw at us. You can turn it off in mid winter if you like or just leave it running. The cold and wet won’t bother it one bit!


A great robotic mower that brings the brilliant large scale lawn care technology form Husqvarna to the masses. Designed to help out the busy families with smaller gardens that desire a well kept out door space but simply don’t have the time. Mowing the lawn is not seen as an essential task to the functioning of the home but with the Automower 305 it can happen automatically. For those with families this is a brilliant mower that keeps the lawn in perfect condition ready for the patches of good weather. Highly recommended robot mower from a company that has helped pioneer this fantastic technology.