On this page we are going to have a look at the Robot Lawnmower range from the world leader in outdoor power tools Husqvarna. Producing all types of mowers from petrol tractor mower to push mowers they have now produced a brilliant range of robot mowers in the Automower range.


Husqvarna Robot Lawn Mower Range For 2020

Below is an overview of the robot mowers available in the Husqvarna range for 2020. Once you have read the overview you can click through to the detailed product reviews for more information.

Automower 315

The 315 is a powerful lawnmower that can cope with medium to large lawns with no problem. It’s robust build, powerful motor and battery mean it can keep going for many hours cutting large areas of lawn. The large wheels help it tackle steep slopes to make most of your lawn easily reachable. When you have a large lawn keeping it in good condition can be time consuming and a real headache. Why not try the Automower 315 and get some valuable time back to do the things you enjoy as well as having the perfect lawn all year round. If you have a gardener or a ride on mower and are looking for a better alternative then look no further.

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Automower 305

The Automower 305 is a brilliant robot lawn mower that aims to help the average home owner manage their lawn care. Designed to cut the smaller lawns regularly and keep them looking great all year round this will make your garden a very usable space whenever you need it. With time at a premium in busy family homes the garden often gets left and becomes an unusable mess, by using this model it will be the envy of your street and you don’t have to do any work!. A well designed product that will sit in your garden all of the time looking good and will cut the lawn whenever you ask.

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 Husqvarna: Out Door Power Tool Manufacturer

With decades of experience in producing power tools for the garden and commercial out door use for things like forestry and park management Husqvarna have built a superior knowledge of what it takes in a set of tools to look after your garden very well and get the best results with the least effort.

They have produced lawn mowers for many years that go from petrol push mowers for the home to large tractor lawn mowers that will cut huge lawns and fields. During the development of these lawn mowers they have learned what features a lawn mower needs to offer you the perfect cut. When it came to building a robot lawnmower they new exactly what the robot needed to do to get the perfect cut, they just took away the human interaction and added these features to a robot and the result is brilliant.

The Swedish company have been around for many years building the experience from feedback from many professional landscapers and gardeners. They have built a strong reputation for quality products that keep on working with no problem and a service network that is second to none. Even for domestic products the service is brilliant. When you buy a Husqvarna Automower you are not just buying the mower but you are also buying the service that comes with it.

The Original Solar Powered Robot Lawn Mower

Husqvarna have been one of the pioneering companies in the building or robot lawnmowers. They have pushed the technology for over twenty years to get it to a point where it is becoming very popular around the world.

It all started in 1995 with a solar powered robotic mower, this didn’t take off but it paved the way for the latest versions of the technology to take shape. The solar powered part of the design still hasn’t taken off but the robot technology has advanced a long way making them a feasible product for many households and commercial operations. The one big benefit to this when buying a Husqvara Automower is that they have learned from there mistakes and have a very complete product that works well.