On this page we are going to have a look at the 2020 robot mower range from Gardena. The range starts out with the really practical Sileno City for much smaller town gardens and goes right through to the Sileno Life that is aimed at the medium to large gardens. With a good range to choose from they are a good place to look.


Gardena Robot Mower Range

Have a look at the various models below to see which fits the size of garden you need. One thing we have found with this range is that it is quite confusing to work out which models are which. Hopefully our list below will help you find what you are looking for.

Gardena Sileno City (Up to 250 metres square)

Really aimned at the small urban lawn care market, this model is great for relatively small and simple gardens. The max lawn size it will cut is 250 metres square. It will tackle medium gradiants up to 25% and has adjustable lawn cut height of between 20 and 50mm. All you could need for a small town house garden.

Gardena Smart Sileno City Set (Up to 500 metres square)

This model steps up in a couple of areas, it is still aimed at the smaller gardens but will cut a lawn up to 500 metres square. This model can also be controlled by the Gardena smart mower app on your phone. The mower will connect to the netwrok over wifi. You will be able to control the mower from anywhere that you can find an internet connection.

Sileno Life (Up to 750 metres square)

The Life models step up in size and also a couple of other areas giving you a more flexible mower that can tackle more complicated lawns. This model will cut a lawn up to 750 metres square which is a medium sized lawn. It can mow up gradients lightly steeper than the City at up to 30%. The cutting height stays the same as the City at 20mm to 50mm. All of the Sileno life mowers are available with the smart app kit that allows you to connect to your mower from anywhere. If you need your lawn cut on a Friday before you get home you can kick it off from the app!

Sileno Life (Up to 1,000 metres square)

Offering the same features as the model above this version of the Sileno life will cut slightly larger lawns at up to 1,000 metres square. This is really starting to push into the bigger gardens. 1,000 square metres is going to take a long time to cut with a conventional mower and will need a fairly expensive petrol mower. As you get to this size you are really saving a lot of time.

Sileno Life (Up to 1,250 metres square)

The largest size offered in the Sileno Life Robot Mower Range, cutting a maximum size of between a quarter and a third of an acre this is well worth the money spent. You will always have a tidy and green lawn with zero hassle. The larger your lawn the more the benefits so definitely one to look at if you have this size lawn.

Features across the Gardena Range

The Gardens smart mower range covers a wide range of garden size that should have something for everyone. The distinctive grey and blue colouring look really modern but not too bright so will sit in the background of the garden. This is really different to the Worx range that are very light colouring with a stand out design. The Gardens smooth edges and curved design are well thought out.

The really big wheels on all of the models will really help the mower cruise over bumpy and uneven ground. Smaller wheels can have a tendency to get stuck in ruts and pits in the grass that are hard to spot. The wheels have good tread on them as well to keep moving in tough conditions and won’t get clogged up with grass and garden debris.

They have a discreet cover that sits over the settings and led display on the top of the mower. This makes the controls easily accessible yet covered from the elements and hidden away from view.

All models have the same cutting system, they use a three small blade system. It is really easy to change the blades your self. I tend to change mine around twice a year. The blades are very cheap, I purchased a pack of twenty for around ten pounds.

The batteries are lithium ion in all models and the mowers self charge. When the mower needs to charge it will navigate itself back to the charge station and will carry on with the job once fully charged.

Cutting time will vary based on the size of your lawn, they will all run for around an hour on one charge. The larger your lawn the longer the cut takes. May lawn is around 650 square metres and a cut takes around 3 hours. The mower goes out at 5am in the morning and is finished by 9am.

Safety wise there is a tilt sensor that cuts out the blade if the mower lifts off the floor. This makes it safe to have in the garden when children and pets are running around. The lift sensor will set off the alarm if the robotic mower if lifted up. To get the mower going again a PIN set by you will need to be entered to start the mowing cycle again. This stops people stealing your mower and being able to use them elsewhere.