The legendary mower brand of Flymo has entered the market of robot mowers with a great model that is getting great reviews from the many happy customers. Having led the way in mower technology many years ago with the hover mower they are continuing their tradition by pushing the latest lawn mower technology.


The 2020 Robotic Lawn Mower Range

Below we’ll have a look at the models on offer from Flymo this year to make cutting your lawn even easier than ever.

Flymo 1200R Robot Lawn Mower

The 1200R is a great value robot lawn mower that is aimed at the more modest sized garden. Many households simply do not have the time to keep on top of the garden as they would like but also don’t have enough spare money to buy an expensive robot mower. This model gives everyone the opportunity to own this brilliant garden tool that will transform your garden into a well maintained space with out breaking the bank. Concentrating on doing the basics well this model has attracted some really good customer reviews. Robotic mowers for years have been associated with the luxury end of lawn care for those with big gardens and a lot of money to spend, now with the help of companies like Flymo that is changing.

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A Bit Of Lawn Mower History

Flymo originally started life as a brand name for the massive garden tool manufacturer Husqvarna. The huge company were world renowned for building high end tools for out door use such as park and garden maintenance. As a company they like to push technology and came up with the Flymo.

The original Flymo was a revelation to most gardeners, a light and easy to use hover mower that floated around the lawn making cutting the lawn super easy. The design of these mowers meant they could easily hang on the wall saving space. These factors made the Flymo perfect for the modern small to medium sized garden. They were so much easier to use than a big petrol lawn mower that were bulky and heavy, all you needed to do with the Flymo was plug it in and you were away. Lawns had never been cut so quickly.

Now Flymo are sticking to their routes and offering a robotic mower that is suited to the smaller gardens making lawn care an easy job so that you can relax on those long sunny weekends in a deck chair rather then slaving away in the garden getting it in good shape.

When the sun does come up you want to get out in the garden with the kids not hang spend hours tidying the garden before you can get out. The 1200R is changing the way a lot of us look at our gardens.