The power tool giant Bosch have been producing very high quality power tools across the globe for many decades. Bosch garden tools are well respected and used by any from the basic level domestic tools to the powerful commercial tools. As always Bosch have kept up with modern technology and have produced a robot mower that offers great features and value for money, keeping the reputation for great quality.


The Bosch Robot Lawn Mower Range for 2020

With two models to choose from on the market they have produced a great product. Have a read of the overviews below and if you think this could be for you then click through to the detailed reviews for more detail.

Bosch Indego S+ 350 Robot Mower Review

The new Bosch Indego S350 has a couple of unique features over some of the other models. However you do have to pay for them. For the price, a robot lawnmower that will cut up to 350 square metres is a lot. Many of us are prepared to pay the extra for the Bosch as it has such a good reputation.

One thing that is unique is the intelligent cutting technology. The Indego S+ will split the lawn into sections and cut it in stripes. This gives you a fantastic finish, most robot mowers use a GPS system to track the whole lawn but cut in a random pattern. All robot mowers keep your lawn looking great but this goes bit further.

The automatic battery charging point is at the front so you need to allow space for the Indego to drive in to charge and reverse out. I prefer the side charging points on the Worx Landroids as you have more options to place the charge station. But saying that my Indego gave me no issues when it was charging.

Cutting is programmable and you can control this model from an app on your phone or Alexa! If you like the back up of a strong brand and customer support then it is worth considering paying the extra. For more info click here to read our full Bosch Indego S+ 350 review.

Bosch Indego Robot Mower

A fantastic robot mower from the power tool giant. This is great value and can tackle some pretty large lawns with ease due to its organised method of cutting. No random bouncing around the garden with this model, it will map out your garden giving it an organised cut keeping it in great condition and very healthy. You and the family can enjoy the lawn whenever you want safe in the knowledge that it will be ready to use. One big advantage this model has is the availability of parts and support through the Bosch network that has a reputation for absolute quality. If you have a small to fairly large lane then read on.

Bosch have considered it all with this model, pricing it at a level affordable to the average home and adding some great safety features so that you can relax with the children in the garden. Once you have tried the Indego there is no going back to the old way of looking after your lawn!

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A Bit About Bosch

Bosch have been in existence for over 100 years producing car parts and power tools. They started out life in Germany as a manufacturer of car parts and grew quickly. The electronics giant then moved into the power tool business and have never looked back. Now they are one of the largest suppliers of car parts and power tools globally. This global domination has meant that the operation has expanded and they now have offices and service centres all over the work supporting the millions of Bosch customers world wide. There are not many of us that can say we have not owned a Bosch product in our lives. They have never been the cheapest but have always had a reputation as the best quality brand to buy.

Buying From A Big Brand

Many of us like to stick with the big brands when buying new products. There is no bigger brand than Bosch and the reputation they have built over the years is second to none. When we are buying from a big brand we are relying on the quality that has got them to where they are, the customer service and spare parts are easily available which gives you peace of mind.

Robot mowers are a relatively new technology, many people are interested in trying them and would like to get the benefits they offer but are a little nervous about spending the money in case the concept doesn’t work. Bosch would not risk their hard earned reputation by producing a product that does not work or is second rate. The technology they produce is well tested and needs to be of the highest standard to be worthy of the name. This is great reason to buy from Bosch.