Indego S+ 350

The latest Bosch Indego robot mower is the S+ 350. This is a true gadget lovers dream, it makes mowing the lawn as simple as speaking a couple of words! Bosch have had a few years to refine the Indego, starting out with original Indego them moving on to this much more comprehensive model.

Two things generally draw people to buy a robotic lawnmower. The tech lovers out there that like to have a fully automated home, and the people that really despise cutting the lawn. The Bosch Indego S+ 350 has something for everyone. It is aimed at the smaller gardens, for those of us that have a lawn that is not too big but still time consuming to cut. There are plenty of robot mowers out there that will cut bigger lawn areas but they don’t necessarily have the gadgets.


The Bosch Indego S+ 350 Review

We are going to have a look at the features below and run through some of the benefits and downsides to allow you to assess if it will fit your gardening needs.

Max Cutting Area

Before we get into the gadgets it is important to check that your lawn is not over 350 square metres. This is designed to cut a maximum lawn size of 350 square metres which is not that large. Compared to the WORX WR142E M700 this is not that big an area. The Worx M700 is roughly the same price and will cut lawns up to 700 metres square which is a big difference. It would have been good if Bosch could have pushed this model to cut a larger area. When you look at the WORX WR130E S300 which will cut a similar size (300 metres square) it is quite a bit cheaper.

Control with an App

The Bosch Remote Gardening App allows you to control the S+ 350 from your phone. This means you can get your mower to cut the lawn while you are in work or travelling. A nice touch especially if you are away for long periods.

It also fully integrates with Alexa. Cutting your lawn could be as easy as saying ‘Alexa cut the lawn’. This means you can add the Indego to your fully automated home and run it on voice control along with the other devices that are connected to Alexa. In terms of ease of controlling the mower this is definitely the best we have come across for ease of use.

Efficient Cutting

To make mowing as fast and efficient as possible the Indego S+ 350 tracks where it has been and doesn’t go over the same area again. The LogiCut software navigates the mower to cut organized strips. This is very different to a lot of the random cut mowers that often cut the same area twice, they still get the job done effectively but take longer to do it. This will make a difference if your lawn is pushing the maximum cut area.

Fast cutting means that often you won’t see the mower out cutting, it can go out early in the morning and be done by the time you are ready to go out into the garden.

Adjustable Lawn Height

The height of the blades is adjustable between 30 and 50 mm which is pretty standard for most automated mowers. I always start the year off on the maximum setting and reduce it over a few weeks to about 40 mm. The is is an ideal length when the kids are charging around the garden all day.

Charging System

The mower drives forwards into the charge station and will reverse out when it is fully charged. The battery is an 18 volt lithium ion battery, charging will take place automatically when the mower is running low on battery. Charging takes around 45 minutes which give a cutting time of roughly 45 minutes dependent on conditions. Replacement batteries are easy to get hold of from Bosch if it needs replacing in a few years.

For the best battery life it is wise not to leave the mower out over the winter as the very cold conditions may damage it. I take my battery out in the winter and bring it into the house to keep it at a reasonable temperature.

Installation and Obstacles

Installation is easy and is pretty standard for most robot mowers. You run the boundary wire around the edge of your garden and go around any permanent obstacles like trees. Set up usually takes me around 3 hours as I have few trees and bushes to map out. Compared to the time saving during the summer it’s not that much hassle.

Weather Sensor

The S+ 350 will take into account the local weather using the built in sensors and build an effective lawn cutting schedule which will try to avoid rain and cut at the most effective times. If it is raining you don’t need to re schedule the mower will go back to the charge station and go back out at the next opportunity. This is a good feature that is available on a lot but not all models.

What The Owners Say

Well, the reviews and rating are not as good as for some the Worx or Flymo models. A few people have commented how they have struggled to get the app working and have had issues with the mower stopping. That could be that it is getting stuck or just not working. For an expensive mower most people would expect more.

The Final Cut

To sum it up, I’m not sure we are as keen on this model as some of the other brands. It is fairly expensive for the size of lawns it will cut and doesn’t have the best reviews.

However, if you are looking for a robot mower that is compatible with Alexa then this is a great model to buy. If you are interested in the tech gadgets this has a lot more to offer than some competitors.

If you are looking for an efficient robot mower that will cut the lawn well for good value we recommend that you have a look at the Worx range of mowers.

Amiro 400


The YardForce Amiro 400 Review

The Amiro 400 is one the many models coming on to the market aimed at the ‘City Garden’. Designed to keep a small lawn in great shape keeping garden maintenance to an absolute minimum. A lot of modern houses have a back garden that consists of 3 fences, a lawn and a path. This is pretty easy to maintain but it still leaves the task of keeping the lawn cut. If you have to travel a long way to and from work even this small task can be a pain. The Yard Force Amiro 400 could be the answer to this problem.

An affordable robot lawn mower that has some great features and will keep your lawn looking fantastic and usable for the small windows of time you have to enjoy your outdoor space.

No More Grass Cuttings

As well as the tidy lawn that is ready mowed for you the cut grass will drop to the bottom of your lawn so there is no mess or grass to rake up. The mower can cut the lawn everyday (you have to start it off) so it only takes the top off the lawn which means cuttings are tiny. The sharp 3 blade cutting system dices up the cuttings into a mulch which feed the lawn as well which will give you one of the nest lawns around.

No Noise

The Yardforce Amiro 400 is a very quiet lawn mower. The small electric motor can hardly be heard while it is running. No more annoying your neighbors with a noisy petrol engine running on a Sunday morning.

Simple And Fast Installation

Installation is an easy task. This model has the pretty standard boundary wire system. Basically you need to peg out you garden with a wire that is provided. The wire is pegged to the ground and over time grows into the lawn so it is not visible. A small electric current is sent around the wire which the mower picks up and knows that is the edge of the lawn. You can mark out trees, borders and other obstacles with the wire.

Set up time is very dependent on the layout of your garden. If you have a square lawn with no obstacles it will be very quick. If you have to mark out a few trees and tight spaces it will take longer.

Adjustable Lawn Height

There are three set cutting heights that can be set. They are between 20mm and 55mm which are pretty standard heights. These are adjusted by a dial on the top of the mower which is easy to access.The cutting width is 16cm, it doesn’t need to be any wider for a small lawn.

Charging System

The battery provided with the mower is a Samsung 20V lithium-ion model that gives the mower a 60 minute run time and a 100 minute charge time. The mower will cut according to your chosen schedule and cut for 60 mins then go back to the charge station when it running low to automatically charge then go back out and finish the job. Mowing time will vary depending on the size and complexity of the lawn. My lawn is about 600 metres square and a cut takes about 3 hours overnight.

Lawns On A Slope

The Amiro400 will cut grass on sloped of up to 30%. The large wheels have plenty of grip to get up and down the slopes. This is a major advantage if you have a lawn on a hill. It can be really hard work to push a conventional lawn mower up and down, whereas, this model will take it all in it’s stride. Tricky shape and hilly gardens are the perfect scenario for purchasing a robot mower.

Rain Sensor

An automatic rain sensor will divert the mower back to the charge station if it starts raining. The cutting process will continue once the rain has stopped. It’s not good for the grass to be cut in the rain so this is a good feature.

Safety Features

The Yard Force Amiro safety feature include a lazer that will stop the mower if it is coming up to any obstacles. The mower will stop and carry on mowing elsewhere. There are also tilt sensors that will stop the blades if the mower is tilted or lifted up. There are important features if you have children or animals playing in the garden at the same time as the mower is cutting.

The Final Cut

This is a brilliant mower for the price, it is no frills but does the job. For those on a budget this is certainly one of the cheapest mowers on the market. It doesn’t have an app to control it but it can all be set on the mower which is no big hassle. This one will still cut day or night and will get the job done for around the same price as some conventional mowers.

If you are on a tight budget then this is a great model to look at.

Landroid WR090S S300

Today i’m looking at one of the more popular models of robotic mower for the smaller garden the Worx WR090S S300.

Until now the majority of robot mowers have been built to deal with pretty large gardens. This is great if you are looking to replace a ride on mower but they don’t really cater for the majority of British users that have modest sized gardens at best. It is really easy to be impressed by the scale of some of the larger sized models but what about the convenience of having it in a new build house.

The reason many of us buy modern houses is for convenience and minimal up keep. Well, add a robot mower to the garden and up keep is even less. The Worx WR090S is perfect for keeping a small lawn in perfect condition.


The Worx WR090S S300 Review

The WR090S can deal with lawns up to 300 meters square. This is moderate sized lawn that will take probably 20 to 40 minutes to cut with a conventional mower. The Worx will go out automatically everyday and cut the grass keeping it super tidy with no mess what so ever. If you have a busy family life or work away this is brilliant news.

The price of this model is pretty competitive as well. Any decent petrol push along mower is going to cost anything from £100 to £250, at around £500 this model is great value. For that little extra you will save many hours of mowing.

So let’s have a look at the features the Worx WR090S S300 offers.

No Mess Or Lawn Clippings

Standard for all robot mowers but still one of the best features. As the mower runs every day it shaves millimetres off the grass everyday which settles at the bottom of the lawn. There are no clippings to pick up and put on a messy compost heap. These clippings also feed the lawn as they rot away on the ground. Another added bonus!

Environmentally Friendly

No more gas gusling petrol mowers that add to our already polluted environment and no more noise pollution from a noisy petrol mower engine. The WR090S uses a small battery and very little power to get around the garden. My mower runs over night so that the lawn is perfect every morning. I can’t hear it in the house at all so it doesn’t interrupt any precious time in the garden.

Simple And Fast Installation

This model does not require any programming at all. Once it is set up it will run every day on it’s own program. Once the perimeter wire is pegged down it is pretty much plug and plug. The perimeter wire on a three hundred metre square garden will take around an hour and a half to set up if the shape of you lawn is fairly simple with not too many obstacles to navigate. One thing to bare in mind is that that the base station needs a firm flat surface to sit on. I found this out after i installed mine, which took a while to correct!

You are going to need a plug near to the base station. The cable is pretty long but I have had to add an extension lead to reach mine. Not a major problem for most of us especially if you can put the base station close to the house.

Adjustable Lawn Height

This is a great feature. I usually start the year cutting at about 60mm in late February and then move the height down by 10mm per week until i get to the desired height. If you like a really short and tidy lawn you can keep it very short. I usually stay at around 30mm as we have a few lumps and bumps in our lawn.

Side Charging System

Now, this has it’s ups and downs. The majority of the time the mower drives straight onto the base station and charges without a fuss. But, on the odd occasion the mower has slightly missed the two charging bars and I have manually had to move it. This is not a major problem and the advantages of having an easy to position base station far outweigh the down sides. My previous mower had a front charging system which worked well but it was a lot stricter in the position of the base station.

Cutting Steep Inclines

The Worx can cut inclines of up to 35% gradient. If you have sections of lawn that are this steep you will know how difficult it is to push a conventional mower up and down the slope. Let the robot mower take care of it for you.

Rain Sensor

While it is raining and for a period of time after the Worx Robotic Mower will not cut the lawn. It will stay on the base station and until the sensor gives the all clear that the rain has stopped. The software will take care of all of this, no human intervention is needed.

What The Owners Say

The general feel for most comments are that the mower cuts the lawn once set up and doesn’t need to be touched. Which is exactly why we purchase them in the first place!

One owner has commented on the ease and speed of set up. Very pleased as it does exactly what it says and has caused no issues.

Dealing with a bumpy lawn is important and a number of comments have been made about the Worx WR090S S300 ability to deal bumps and surfaces that are not perfectly smooth.

On the very slight downside there is a comment about having to re adjust the boundary wire after installation to get the edge cutting correct. I suppose this is going to come down to personal preference and how much of a perfectionist you are about your garden.

The Final Cut

Summing up this model, I would say this is the perfect balance of all of the key benefits of owning a robot mower along with a realistic price tag for most home owners out there. Most of us wouldn’t consider spending £1,000 plus on a mower which makes this a real option over the more expensive predecessors. More and more robotic mowers that are designed for town houses and city living are coming on to the market and this one is perfectly placed. Worx have a track record of building great robot mowers with many fantastic reviews. This welcome addition to the Worx family comes highly recommended by us.

Landroid WR110MI S700

I’m now into my second summer of having a Landroid WR110MI S700 and I have to say it has been brilliant. I replaced my Bosch Indego with this model, it has been very reliable and so easy to use.

My garden is roughly 600 metres square with a few trees and a kids play area to go around. The WR110MI deals with this really well going out every day and keeping the lawn looking perfect.


Set Up

The set up was really easy, it took around 3 hours to get the whole garden mapped out with the perimeter wire. Going around the obstacles was easy as the pegs provided hold the wire going both ways. On the box there is a measuring guide to tear off. This is super easy to hold against the edge of the lawn to get the wire in the correct position.

Once the perimeter wire was in place it was time for the maiden voyage. The first run went really smoothly, first of all it went write around the perimeter then started cutting straight away.

The only issue I had with set up was the charging base needs a super flat and solid base as it is slightly flexible. The side charger didn’t align properly on my first charge. It was easily fixed with a patio slab. I sunk this under the charge station and it has worked perfectly ever since.

The Cut

The cut is really good, I always start the year in 60mm gradually lowering the cutting height to 30mm over a few weeks. It was easy to do with a slight turn of the height adjuster on the top of the Landroid WR110MI S700. The cut is random which is slightly different to the Bosch Indego which cuts in stripes but it still looks really good and well kept. I don’t have any long patches in the lawn at all even around some of the more awkward areas.

Winter Storage

I put the mower and charge station away in November 2017 and got it back out in March 2018. We had a really wet spring this year but this didn’t stop the Landroid being super effective. The rain sensor dealt with these times well only cutting when it was dry.

The first thing I did after the winter was put the Worx Landroid on a full charge. After this it went off on the first cut with no issues. I haven’t had to touch it since!

Spare Blades

This month I changed the blades for the first time. As always I was a bit apprehensive doing the job for the first time but it couldn’t have been simpler. I bought four sets off ebay for £20, gave the mower a clean which took ten minutes and put the new blades on in five minutes. I have to say that is the quickest and cheapest service I have ever seen on a mower of any type!

Wi Fi Controls

The Landroid can be controlled by Wi Fi using the smart phone app. You can set the mowers schedules and get it to do random cuts where ever you are. It’s a great feature, one that I didn’t have on my old robot mower but I have to say I don’t use it a great deal. The built in schedule sends the mower overnight which suits us fine. I haven’t altered this at all.


One noticeable feature of the the WR110MI S700 is that it is quieter than my old Bosch Indego. The Indego used to go at 6.30am every day and you could hear the high pitch wine if you listened carefully. The Landroid is a lot quieter, we really can’t hear it at any point of the night and day unless we are stood very close to it.

Cutting Area

This model will cut up to 700 square meters which is quite a big garden. Our 600 square metre lawn gets cut in 3 hours which includes a charge break after an hour. Over 700 square metres and I think you would need to go up to the next level as it would take too long to do a full cut.


The Landroid WR110MI S700 price is fantastic. Coming in at under £600 it really is a bargain. It saves tons of time which for me adds a lot of value. A petrol mower that is large enough to cut a big lawn is also pretty expensive and you need to add the petrol and servicing on top. This is definitely great value for money.

Summing It Up

Well I am a massive fan of robot mowers anyway, but this is a great example. The price point makes it accessible to a lot of people that are scared off by some of the high priced models from the likes of Robomow. It is so easy to install and use, it really can be used out of the box. For the money I can’t really see a down side. Cutting in stripes and a floating deck would be nice but most models capable of this are double the price. My requirements are to have a tidy well kept lawn for the kids to play on whenever they want to go out. The Landroid WR110MI S700 delivers on this and more. I can’t recommend it enough!

Do Robotic Lawn Mowers Work?

It seems like a strange thing to ask on a site that exclusively talks about robot mowers, but believe it or not, it’s a question that comes up time and time again – do robotic lawn mowers work?

Undoubtedly, the literal answer to the question is yes, of course they work. However, it’s probably not really answering the question that people are really asking. There’s a few variations that tend to come up – so let’s start by looking at those in a little more detail.


Is A Robot Mower Good For My Lawn?

As with many things, how good a product is depends on whether it’s used correctly. Robot mowers can take a bit of setting up, so that they can learn to mow your lawn in the best way possible. In a sense that’s about mapping out the best way to navigate your lawn (especially the more most recent types of robot lawn mower without perimeter wire) – so depending on the model you opt for, you might find it slowly gets better and better with each cut. What’s more, a robot mower tends to be left alone to do its thing, and importantly you can schedule it to get out and cut the grass more often than you’re likely to find the motivation to do yourself. That means you can actually end up with a healthier lawn – shorter clippings can break down much faster and return nutrients to the soil, and maintaining a healthy blade length will also help your grass to thrive.

I’ve Got A Bumpy Lawn – Will A Robotic Lawnmower Work?

This tends to be the big question – maybe it’s actually a slope rather than an uneven surface, but the principle is the same. A moderate slope will be fine – so if you’ve got a normal lawn that’s simply not level, you should be OK. Robot mowers are capable of handling small inclines (and vice versa), but they have their limits. If you have more challenging terrain to deal with, have a look at our reviews section. You’ll find lots of information there, and then click over to the Amazon page for the mower you like the look of – you’ll typically find Q&A sections on Amazon, so there’s a good chance that someone else will have asked the same question and got an answer from someone in the know (ideally a previous customer who has tried it out in their own mountainside garden!).

My Lawn Is Full Of Obstacles – Can Automatic Mowers Cope?

This final variation is actually the easiest to answer – yes! Whether it’s flowerbeds or gnomes, robotic lawnmowers have to have automatic sensors built in to work out where they’re going – or more accurately where they’re not going! These are the built in features that stop them creeping up on you and mowing your foot – they’ll immediately reroute if they find obstacles, or even activate their emergency cut out if they don’t know how to proceed safely.

The level of sophistication in robot lawn mowers has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, and the manufacturers know that we don’t all have perfectly square and level lawns free from obstacles. While there’s always going to be the odd lawn where they struggle, they’re designed to adapt and learn about their surroundings. It’s actually quite remarkable to watch, especially in the more advanced models, as they slowly learn mow by mow how best to tackle your lawn most efficiently and effectively. Once the novelty of automatic mowers wears off, most people tend to hardly notice as it goes about it’s business on its own in the garden!


Automower 305

On this page we are going to have a good look at the Automower 305 from Husqvarna. This robust model is built for the average size lawn of up to 500 square meters making it very affordable for the average home. Husqvarna are renowned for building some of the best robot lawnmowers but have typically gone for the high end of the market producing models that cut large lawns. Now you can have a piece of this well built technology in your home.


The Husqvarna Automower 305 Review

This is a great robot lawn mower for the smaller gardens. With a maximum cut area of 500 square meters this is designed to assist the busy home keep a tidy well cut lawn that look great all year round. The technology in this mower is built using the knowledge from the high end models that have been so successful for Husqvarna. A really good model for the normal garden. Once you own one of these your garden will look great and you will be able to go and enjoy yourself doing other things that you enjoy.


Below are just a few of the benefits of the Automower 305.

  • Effortless lawn cutting.
  • Maintain a prefect lawn.
  • Spend time enjoying the lawn not cutting it.
  • Very quiet lawn mower.
  • Saves a lot of space.


There are not too many downsides to this but there are a few.

  • No rain sensor.
  • Takes a long time to cut the lawn.
  • Won’t go up or down steps.
  • Only for smaller gardens.


Installing the Automower will take around and hour. You need to set the perimeter of your lawn by pegging down a perimeter wire around the edges and around any obstacles like trees and borders. The mower will use this wire as a border and won’t cut beyond it. Once the perimeter is set out you need to connect up the charge station and place the mower on it. Set you cutting schedule and let it go. In the box you get 150 metres of perimeter wire and 200 pegs that should be more then enough for the lawn area. Once it is set up you are away you will get a perfect lawn that is ready to use at any time. Set up really is easy for the smaller lawns and is well worth the time for the benefits you get back.

Value For Money

This is very good value for money. Previously if you wanted a robot mower for a smaller garden you had to purchase a very expensive model from Husqvarna that would cut small to large size lawns. This model keeps the cost down by limiting the size of lawn it cuts which makes it a more realistic competitor to the conventional mower. Although a little more of an investment than a conventional mower you will end up with a beautiful lawn and more time to spend doing the things you enjoy.


In a busy modern house safety is the biggest priority. Having a mower working on its own means it needs to be safe. Husqvarna have included some great safety features, the tilt and lift sensors will cut out the blade immediately if the 305 is lifted up or tilts to one side and the bump sensor will stop the blade and send the mower in a different directions. The PIN code will stop the children from starting the mower up and it can be scheduled to cut when nobody is on the lawn. A very safe mower that you can leave in the garden with confidence.

The Husqvarna Automower 305 Features

The features on the 305 are basic but more then good enough to manage a small lawn effectively. Have a look at the features and see if they will work in your garden.

Self Charging

The lithium ion battery will charge itself as it mows the lawn. The mower will go out and cut for around 45 minutes to an hour before going back to the charge station for an hour and a half to re charge before heading back out to the lawn to carry on the cut.

Scheduled Lawn Cutting

You can either set the mower to run automatically or set it to cut when you want it and set rest days. If you set it to auto it will head out and cut the lawn as it sees fit giving you a great finish. The mower has no pattern to cutting the lawn it will randomly travel around inside the perimeter wire until the job is done. You may want to switch it off at weekends when you use the lawn.

Quiet Mowing

The Automower 305 is very quiet. The noise it generates is no more then 60 decibels which means you can schedule it to cut late at night or early in the morning without upsetting the neighbours. You will be able to wake up every morning to a freshly cut lawn.

No Grass Clippings

As the Automower 305 cuts the lawn regularly it will keep the lawn short and chop the cuttings up into very fine dust like pieces as it goes. This drops to the bottom of the lawn and feeds it which will make the lawn look very green and healthy. This is known as mulching and is a big benefit to robotic mowers.

Adjustable Lawn Height

With a very easy to use height control you can adjust the height of the blades between 20mm and 50mm to get the required lawn height. When you start using it the highest setting is a good place to start and gradually lower it until you get the required lawn height.

Anti Theft Security

The Automower 305 is fitted with a few good anti theft devices. It has a PIN code that is needed to start or schedule the mower. once it is removed from the base station it can’t be used again without the PIN being entered. There is an alarm fitted that will go off if it is removed from the base station. The other big security feature is that it is quiet and small meaning not many people will know it is there!

Cuts In Any Weather

The 305 is built to withstand the pretty harsh weather that the UK winters can throw at us. You can turn it off in mid winter if you like or just leave it running. The cold and wet won’t bother it one bit!


A great robotic mower that brings the brilliant large scale lawn care technology form Husqvarna to the masses. Designed to help out the busy families with smaller gardens that desire a well kept out door space but simply don’t have the time. Mowing the lawn is not seen as an essential task to the functioning of the home but with the Automower 305 it can happen automatically. For those with families this is a brilliant mower that keeps the lawn in perfect condition ready for the patches of good weather. Highly recommended robot mower from a company that has helped pioneer this fantastic technology.


The new RC308 from Robomow is a great robotic mower that will suit many mid sized gardens in the UK. Offering a great range of features and the high end Robomow technology for a low price this is well worth looking at.


The Robomow RC308 Review

This model is aimed to assist the busy family with keeping your lawn in great shape all year round so that you can enjoy it in those precious hours of free time that you get. If you have children and are working many hours the last job on the list is often cutting the lawn. When the sun is shining this means the garden needs tidying up and the lawn needs cutting before you can use it. This is a thing of the past with the Robomow RC308, you can wake up every day to the perfect lawn and have more free time, amazing! This will cut lawns from the smaller new builds to mid sized UK lawns up to 800 square metres and will even cut fairly steep sloped lawns of up to 36% gradient at any scheduled time that is convenient for you family life. A really great addition to your garden.


The benefits of owning the RC308 are endless but here are a few of the main ones.

  • Cheaper than many robot mowers.
  • Perfect lawn every day of the year.
  • More time to enjoy the garden.
  • Cuts steep slopes.
  • Very quiet lawn mower, can cut while you sleep!
  • Saves a lot of space.


There are a couple of downsides but the pros massively out weigh the cons!

  • Initial cost is more then conventional mower.
  • Can’t go over ledges.
  • Won’t get every edge.


Installation is easy on for the RC308, you will need to peg down a perimeter wire into your grass ensuring that is tight and on the ground so it cannot get cut. Once you have mapped out the lawn you put the mower on the charge station, schedule the cuts and off you go. It is so easy and will take you a couple of hours. Once it is done your days of spending hours cutting the lawn are gone.

Value For Money

We think it is great value for money. No doubt it is a lot more expensive than a conventional mower but it will give you a perfect lawn all year round. The only other ways you can achieve this are to spend hours manually cutting the lawn or pay someone to do it for you. If your not a keen gardener and see mowing the lawn as a chore it is money very well spent.


The safety technology that is fitted to the RC308 makes it a very safe mower to have in your garden even when it is mowing on its own. Setting a cut time for early in the morning or late at night means nobody will be in the garden while it is cutting. There are lift and tilt Sensor that stop the blades instantly if the mower is picked up or tilts onto its side and bump sensors stop the blades and send the mower in a different direction. A personalised PIN number and child lock mean the mower cannot be Started or rescheduled by anybody but the PIN holder. A very safe mower.

The Robomow RC308 Features

There are so many great features and benefits to owning an RC308, have a read through below.

Lawn Height Adjust

You can alter the length of your grass by an easy blade height setting between 15mm and 60mm. Often during the summer you will have your lawn a little shorter than in the winter.

Superior Lawn Edging

The lawn edging capabilities of this model are great as it has a cutting width that is wider then the wheel width ensuring it gets right into the edges. The cutting width is 28cm which is wide enough to cut the lawn pretty quickly.

Rain Sensor

The rain sensor will stop the cutting during rain or will not head out for a scheduled cut in the rain. Once the rain stops it will head out and carry on with the cut or reschedule if it can’t carry on.

Self Charging

The Robomow RC308 will charge itself on the charge station before heading out to start cutting, if it runs out mid cut it will take itself back to the charge station to charge the lithium battery and then carry on with the cut. Cutting time on a full charge is around an hour and charging time is around an hour to an hour and a half.

Cuts Steep Slopes

Cutting slopes of up to 36% is a really great feature, these steep awkward lawns are tough to cut with a conventional mower as it is hard work to push the mower up and down. Let the RC308 take care of it for you. The wide wheels have plenty of grip and the motor is more than powerful enough to go up and down these slopes.

The Robomow App

The robomow app is brilliant and makes this an easy tool to manage. You can reschedule it from your android or iphone and the mower will also send you updates if it is stuck or needs a part replaced. Good if you are not at home when the mower is working.

Lawn Zones

If you have a lawn that is split into sections this is a great feature. You can map out the zones and program the mower to cut them whenever you like. Once it has finished a zone it will take itself to the next zone. You do need to make sure it can get to the next zone without any obstacles. You can map out up to six zones.

Cuts Long Grass

The ‘Turbomow’ feature allows the RC308 to cut long grass that many robot mowers would not be able to deal with. It will get the lawn down to the required height before stopping the cut. If you have areas where the lawn will get long this is handy as other models need the grass to be short enough to get going.


The Robomow RC308 is a great robotic mower that offers you cutting edge garden technology at an affordable price. The features mean this is a very versatile model that can cut steep and awkward lawns very quietly at times that suit your life. You can spend a lot more time enjoying your self and also have a lawn that is the envy of the street. It’s very safe for the children and easy to install. For all those people who don’t like cutting the lawn it is a must. Highly recommended!


Now let’s take a look at the mid range robot lawn mower from Robomow the RC312. This is designed to take the headache of looking after a mid size lawn that can take a long time to cut, especially in mid summer when it can take a couple of cuts a week to keep it looking good.

The RC312 will allow you to get on with things you enjoy while it keeps the lawn in fantastic condition all year round. The majority of us are not keen gardeners and the thought of a few hours a week spent mowing is not fun. Now you can sit back and have a beautiful family lawn with no effort.


The Robomow RC312 Review

This is a high end robot lawn mower that will cut large lawns very regularly giving a fantastic finish. If you have a large lawn and like it to look good all of the time then this is a great alternative to a gardener or ride on mower. The high end finish is created by the smart mowing pattern and great edging capabilities. It will deal with large lawns of up to 1,200 square metres and cut slopes of up to 36% making it a very versatile mower. Once you own a Robomow RC312 you will not go back to standard mower.


  • Perfect lawn all year round.
  • Scheduled cuts.
  • Cuts steep slopes.
  • 3 year warranty.


There are very few cons to the RC312 but here are a couple.

  • High initial cost.
  • Needs setting up.
  • Won’t go up or down drops or steps


Installing the Robomow RC312 is a really easy job that only needs doing once. You need to map out your lawn by pegging down a wire into the edge of the lawn. The wire and pegs come in the box. The time it takes will depend on how many zones you need to map out and how many borders, trees and other obstacles you need to go around. Once this is in you just need to place the mower on the charge station and schedule the cut times and let it go. It’s a couple of hours well spent as once you are set up you can sit back and enjoy your garden.

Value For Money

This depends on how much you value you time and enjoy mowing the lawn. If your lawn is over 1,000 metres square you will be spending a lot of time maintaining it, paying someone to look after it or just letting it go. This mower is great value for money as an alternative to a gardener or a ride on mower and will get you hours of free time back when you want it in the summer. The initial outlay is large but you are buying from one of the leading brands in robot lawn mowers. We think it is great value, there are cheaper versions on the market but most will not cover this lawn size or will not have the features.


Keeping the family and pets safe is an important consideration when purchasing a robot mower. This mower has many features that make it a very safe mower. The lift and tilt sensors immediately cut out the blades when the RC312 is lifted off the floor or tilts over too far. There is a PIN code so no one can alter the cutting schedule or work the mower without entering it and there is an alarm in case it is picked up off the charge station. The scheduling also allows your lawn to be cut in the early hours or late at night when nobody is in the garden.

The Robomow RC312 Features

This is a high end mower that is packed with features for a great finish to your lawn. Have a read through below.

Scheduled Mowing And Robomow App

The robomow RC312 can be set up to cut the lawn at any time of day or night by setting up a cutting schedule. It will cut the lawn every day if you would like it to. The schedule can be set on the mower itself or through the Robomow App. This is great if you are away from home a lot and need to alter the mowing times.

Self Charging Battery

The battery is a powerful 26 volt lithium ion battery that is designed to last a long time and power the RC312 around a large lawn. The mower will cut for around an hour before heading back for a charge of about an hour and a half. The sensors will tell the robot when it need a charge and will take itself back to the base station to fully charge before heading out for another cut.

Edge Cutting

The 28cm blades cut a wider area than the wheel base which means the edging capabilities are far superior to a lot of models on the market meaning you don’t have to go around finishing off edges of the garden that are not cut.

Fast Lawn Cutting

With the wide cutting blades and the turbo mode the RC312 will power through cutting the lawn making sure it done a lot quicker then a lot of Robot Lawnmowers. The mowing width is a large 28cm.

Efficient And Quiet Motor

The brush less electric motor is very efficient to run compared to a petrol mower and will quietly keep you lawn in great condition. The noise it generates is under 70 decibels which is significantly quieter than its petrol rivals.

Rain Sensor

The RC312 will sense when it is raining and return to its charge station or re schedule the cut when it is raining. For the best finish it is better to cut the lawn when it is not raining.

Zone Mowing For Multiple Lawns

You can map out up to six zones of lawn to be cut. This is great if your lawn is broken down into many areas. As long as they are connected by a level surface that is not too steep without any steps the Robomow RC312 will go between the zones cutting it with no problem. It will even cut the front and back lawn as long as it is able to trundle between the two.


To sum it up this is a great robotic mower that will give you a lawn that is perfectly finished all year round. You and the family can enjoy the garden in the sunny days rather then use them to sort the garden out. The features on this are high end and Robomow offer a good 3 year warranty for piece of mind. With our lives getting more and more busy this will take away another mundane task and also add to your home buy giving you a great lawn. A really great robotic lawnmower that will last you many years.


On this page we are going to take a look at the Bosch Indego Robot Lawn Mower from the power tool giant. This very well priced robot lawn mower has unique features that set it apart from its competitors. Sit back and enjoy a perfectly cut lawn all year round with no work at all.


Bosch Indego Review

The first thing to notice about the Bosch Indego is that it is capable of cutting very large lawn areas of up 1000 metres square at a price range usually associated with the models that cut smaller lawns. This is a great piece of robot engineering with a quick cut time and an organised approach to cutting. All you need to do is program the Indego to let it know when you want it to cut and you are away. Handling steep slopes and gardens from small to large this is a great model.


A great product with a lot of pros that can improve your garden by many times. Below are just a few of the pros.

  • Regular lawn cutting with no work.
  • Faster cutting time.
  • Great value.
  • Cuts small to large lawn areas.
  • Quiet motor.


There are a few cons but nothing that will stop it working amazingly well.

  • No rain sensor.
  • Large initial cost.
  • Will not go up and down steps.


Installation is nice and easy, the amount of time it will take to set up will depend on the size of your lawn and the complexity of the objects that need to be mowed around. The Indego is guided by a perimeter wire that is pegged into the ground, this limits where the mower can cut and also sections off borders and trees. The perimeter wire and the pegs are included in the box and should be plenty to cover the maximum size 1,300 square metre lawn. Once you have set up the wire you just need to place the Indego on the charge station and choose the cut days and times then let it go. Once it is running it will cut the lawn at the times you have scheduled coming back for a recharge when it needs it.

Value For Money

This is a great value for money robot mower. The lawn size that it can cover is very large for the price so very good value for those of us with bigger gardens. The features are what you would expect to see on a higher spec mower as well with the organised cutting patterns and ability to deal with slopes of up to 35 percent. A really good buy that can replace hours of lawn cutting and maybe even replace an expensive gardener for the large lawn owner. A great value from a company with a brilliant reputation.


Safety is the first thing that springs to mind when considering buying a mower than trundles around the garden on its own, especially if you have children or pets that use the garden regularly. Bosch have incorporated many great safety features which means the Indego can work around family life absolutely safely. The sensors will immediately cut out the blade if the Indego is lifted up and tilts over. There is also a PIN code that needs to be entered if you want to use the Indego. It will only cut at the scheduled times unless you have the PIN. The schedule can be set to the early hours of the morning or late at night so that the lawn is being cut at a time when no one will be using the lawn.

The Bosch Indego Robot Mower Features

The features of this mower are pretty impressive and definitely worth looking at as it will tackle some lawns that other won’t.

Self Charging

The motor and blades are powered by an efficient electric motor and lithium battery that are very cheap to run and an efficient way of cutting your lawn. The Indego will charge the battery on its own, a sensor will let it know when it requires a charge and it will trundle back to the base station to charge before heading back out to cut the lawn where it left off.

Intelligent Mowing

The Indego is one of the only robot mowers that has an organised cutting pattern using the Logicut technology. It will map out your lawn and systematically cut it in areas meaning that it does not keep going over the same area twice. The speed that it cuts the lawn is up to three times quicker than other robot lawn mowers. A really great feature of you have a bigger lawn.

Steep Slopes

The Bosch Indego Robotic Mower can cope with mowing slopes of up to 35 percent. This is a pretty steep slope and will make some really awkward bits of the garden easy to mow. It would be difficult to push a mower up a slope this steep so a great feature for any lawns that are on a slope.

No Grass Cuttings

As the Indego will be cutting very regularly it will mulch the grass cutting rather then leave them on your lawn to pick up. The cuttings are chopped up into a fine dust which is then dropped onto the lawn which settle on the earth under the lawn. This creates no mess and also fertilises your lawn giving you a greener and healthier lawn at the same time. Unless you are mowing very regularly with a conventional mower you will not be able to achieve the same result.


The Indego is protected from theft by two features. Firstly there is the PIN code, once it has been lifted off the charge station it will not be able to be used again without entering the PIN code. The second is an alarm that will sound if it is lifted off the charge station which is enough to deter any would be thieves. The biggest deterrent of all is that the mower is very quiet and will mow when nobody is around so will not get noticed.

Quiet Mowing

Sit back and relax while the Bosch Indego gets on with job of cutting the lawn quietly. It is not silent but you will hardly notice the small amount of noise it makes, nothing like the endless drone of a petrol mower.


The Bosch Indego is a great buy, it cuts a large lawn area for the price and will give you a pristine lawn all year round without any cutting. If you have a busy life and other stuff to be getting on with this will really change the way you look at your garden. The features are good with a programmable cutting schedule and an organised mapping of your lawn for a quicker cut. The Bosch Indego is a great Robot Mower that is a great purchase.


The Flymo 1200R is a robot mower that is aimed at the smaller gardens. It is a great value model that will keep your garden in perfect condition while you do other things. No longer will you have the chore of cutting the lawn and you won’t have to store a bulky lawn mower in the shed or garage taking up valuable space.


The Flymo 1200R Review

This is a great little robot mower that is designed for the small to medium sized lawns of up to 400 square metres. It can deal with flat lawns and slopes of up to 25% for some of the more challenging areas. This is a great option for those who are looking to replace the standard mower and don’t want to spend a fortune, it will cut the average sized UK lawn with absolutely no issue giving you a garden that is always in top condition and a large amount of time back to do what you want.

As UK houses get smaller and sheds and garages become full the Flymo robotic mower will save you a lot of space. It will stay outside on the charge station waiting for its next scheduled cut. You can then get rid of that bulky awkward push mower that takes up so much room.

This popular model has got a lot of great customer reviews from many owners that now have perfect lawns which is a great recommendation in itself. Once you own the Flymo 1200R there is no turning back to normal mower, you will be hooked!


Here are just a few of the pros to owning the Flymo 1200R.

  • Great Value.
  • Suits the average UK lawn size.
  • Get more free time back.
  • Fantastic space saver as it will stay outside.
  • Feeds your lawn while cutting.
  • Very quiet.


Their are a couple of downsides but nothing that will stop it working very well.

  • Not suitable for larger lawns.
  • No rain sensor.
  • Cannot deal with steps or steep slopes.
  • More expensive than a conventional mower.


Having an automatic mower in the garden with children and pets can be a concern but the safety features on the 1200 R robot mower are second to none. Lift, tilt and bump sensors make the Flymo 1200R Robotic mower a safe mower to have working on your lawn. If any of these sensors are triggered it will stop the blade immediately. There is also a PIN code that is needed to unlock the mower to change the mowing schedule so that it cannot be used at any other time by another person. This is great for security and safety and coupled with an alarm in case it gets lifted off the charge station you can be sure your garden will be safe.

Value For Money

This is a great value for money mower that will suit the average garden in the UK. If you are prepared to spend a little extra on a mower that will give you a great condition lawn and plenty of free time back then it is money well spent. Cheaper than most of the models that are designed for bigger lawn areas the 1200R does the job very well covering the basics. With so many great reviews most people believe it is a good investment.


Installation of the 1200R is similar to most robot mowers out there. It works on a wire boundary system to mark out the areas of lawn you would like cut. The robot will pick up the boundary and map out your garden making sure that it cuts everything within the boundary. The installation for this model will be quick as it is designed to work on smaller lawns up to 400 square metres although this does depend on how many borders, trees and other obstacles you need to map out. Once the lawn is mapped out you just need to plug in the charge station and place the mower into position and it will take care of the rest.

The Flymo 1200 R Robot Mower Features

Below are some of the features of the 1200R to have a look at, it covers all of the basics well. If you have an average size lawn then read on.

Irregular Mowing Pattern

The sensors on the 1200R along with the boundary wire create a map of the lawn so that every little bit of the lawn is cut. The robot then proceeds to cut the lawn in a random pattern which mean it doesn’t leave any tyre grooves that a normal mower would. This gives you the perfect flat finish to your lawn.

Quiet Mowing

The electric motor on the Flymo 1200R robot mower is a quiet electric motor that will mow the whole lawn without creating hardly any noise. It is so quiet that you can let it run while you are asleep and it won’t wake you up! Choose a program that suits and relax in peace and quiet without the drone of a petrol motor in the back ground.

Programmable Schedule

you can choose your cut times and days with the easy to use programmable schedule. The easy to use screen on the robot mower itself allows you to quickly set it up to the schedule so that you can ensure the lawn is cut when you are not using it. The regularity of the cutting is up to you and can be done every day if you require.

No Grass Clippings

The grass clipping are cut into a fine dust by the blades that falls down between the blades of grass and settles on the ground. As the R1200 cuts the lawn so regularly it will only have tiny bits if grass to cut up. The additional benefit of this is that it will fertilise your lawn giving you a very green and healthy lawn after a while of using.

Adjustable Cut Height

You can adjust the length of your grass by turning an easy to use knob on the unit to alter the cutting height between 2cm and 5cm. When the mower is new it is often good to start off at the longest setting and gradually work down to the height you require.

The Motor And Battery

The electric motor and lithium ion 18v battery power the blades to give you a crisp and good quality cut to the lawn. It will cut for about an hour before retreating to the charge station for a re charge which takes about 75 minutes. Once it is recharged it will take itself back out and carry on mowing where it left off.


This great value robotic lawn mower is perfect for the average home. Save space and time by getting rid of you conventional mower and installing the Flymo 1200R for a perfectly manicured lawn all year round. It gives you plenty of flexibility as to when you want the lawn cut and how long you want it. Once the set up is done you can sit back and enjoy having a usable garden. This model is making it easier for the average family to own this technology without breaking the bank. You no longer have to look at the garden as a long list of chores, it will be more of a space to relax. Highly recommended model for the masses!