Robotic Lawn Mowers: The Guide To The Best In 2023

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We all want to find ways of having more time on our hands and enjoy the things we love rather then slaving away over chores around the house to keep it up together and tidy. The reality is that unless you live in a small flat with no outside space a lot of your free time is going to be spent on one chore or another. For all of us that own gardens we know how time consuming and laborious it can be to keep the lawn cut. If you let it go for a while it can become an even bigger job and then it just gets out of hand. Well, help is at hand! The new automatic lawnmower technology can help you keep the lawn cut without you lifting a finger and will save you vast amounts of time to do other things.


Best Robot Lawn Mowers Comparison Table

Have a look at the table below of what we believe to be some of the best robot mowers on the market in 2023. Covering all sizes of gardens and brands there will probably be something that suits your garden

WORX Landroid WR142E M700
  • Great Value
  • Medium Sized Lawns
  • Fully Programmable
  • See more

Mid Range
Flymo 1200R
  • Great Value
  • Well Known Brand
  • Very Quiet
  • See more

Mid Range
WORX WR130E S300 Landroid
  • Perfect from smaller lawns
  • Side Charging
  • Great Value
  • See more

Budget Range
McCulloch ROB R1000
  • Larger Lawns
  • Adjustable Cut
  • Fantastic Value
  • See more

Mid Range
Bosch Indego S+ 350
  • Quality Brand
  • Mobile app controls
  • Cuts in stripes
  • See more

Mid Range
McCulloch ROB 600
  • Medium sized lawns
  • Good Value
  • Very Quiet
  • See more

Budget Range
Robomow RS630
  • Massive Range
  • Floating Cutting Deck
  • Alternative To Tractor
  • See more

Luxury Range
WORX WR153E L1500
  • Very Large Lawns
  • Big Time Saver
  • Automatic Charging
  • See more

Budget Range
So many new technologies come onto the market to help speed up the house work but only a few last the test of time and actually carry out the time saving jobs that they claim to do. Robotic lawn mowers are one of those inventions that will be with us for a long time! They’re not the cheapest things you’ll buy, but they work brilliantly and can keep your lawn looking fantastic all year round with no effort at all. Great I hear you all cry, where do I buy one! Read on through our reviews and find one that suits your needs. Believe me you won’t regret it for one minute!

Top 10 Robot Lawnmower Reviews

Okay, so you’ve had a look through the table and have a few models that you like the look of. Have a read of the mini reviews below and get a little more knowledge before clicking through to the in depth model reviews. The aim of our reviews is to build up your knowledge and help you figure out which robot lawn mower will be best suited to your needs. It is a very new concept with many technologies that a lot of us don’t understand so we hope to guide you in the right direction. By choosing the correct model for your garden you will make life a lot easier but it is a large investment.

WORX Landroid WR142E M700

High up in our top ten is the mid sized m700 model in the Worx automated mowers range. This a brilliant mower that will suit many gardeners that are looking to cut the amount of time they need to put into their gardens. At this size it is not quite a competitor to a ride on mower but it will certainly take hours off your week in mid summer when lawns need cutting the most.

It is is really good value for the features it offers and also has a number of added ectras that can be bought like a GPS tracker and collision control system. The build quality of the Worx machines is great. The wheels are large with good grips to deal with any lumps and bumps in the lawn. The positioning of the blades helps to get as close a cut as possible to the edges of the lawn which all adds to the tidy look that robot mowers offer.

Definitely a massive time saver and an alternative to hiring a gardener. If you would like to read a bit more then click below to find you can find our mini WORX Landroid WR142E M700 review here.

Flymo 1200R Lithium-ion 18 V

We all have fond memories of the classic Flymos that floated across our garden and kept it looking great. The company has stayed true to its roots by staying up to date with the latest lawn mower technology and has come out with a fantastic robot lawn mower in the 1200 R. The Lithium battery powered robotic mower will give you great satisfaction in keeping the lawn looking great while you are relaxing. If you have a reasonably large lawn this will do the job with no worries by keeping itself charged up and working away for as long as it needs to. A great buy from a brand with a fantastic name.

Coming in at a budget price it is a lot of mower for the money, it covers a large surface area that would take you a long time with a standard push mower and will stop and charge itself if it needs to. It is a really easy machine to set up that will cut the lawn a few times a week keeping it in tip top condition with no lawn clippings to dispose of. The reviews are brilliant and definitely worth considering. To read more, you can find our full Flymo 1200R review here.

WORX WR130E S300 Landroid

Designed for the smaller gardens the Worx S300 is perfect for a lot of UK homes. Time can sometime be tough to get and when you do have a bit of relaxing time you just want to enjoy the garden rather then have to cut the lawn. If that is the case then this is the perfect model for you. Not too expensive and will cut the lawn at any time you program. You will always have a tidy well kept and fed lawn.

As Robot Mowers develop there are more coming onto the market aimed at the smaller gardens and this is a great model. It will automatically charge itself on the charging station whenever it needs to and will not leave any grass clipping for you to pick up.

The electric motors are very quiet compared to a normal mower so will not disturb your neighbours night or day. If you think suits your needs read our mini our WORX WR130E S300 Landroid.

McCulloch ROB R1000

The McCulloch R1000 is one of the larger capacity automated mowers in our list. This really can cut a large lawn at up to 1000 metres square. This is a real alternative to a ride on mower and will cut your lawn every day keeping your garden looking great with no effort.

The features on this model are pretty standard and it does what it needs to with no fuss at a great price. A fully programmable cutting schedule means it will go ans cut at the specified time within the boundaries that you set. It’s easy to set up, the perimeter wire and pegs are included in the box.

This is a great option from a brand that is associated with many high quality garden tools as well as mowers. To learn a bit more have a look at our mini McCulloch ROB R1000 review.

Bosch Indego S+ 350

The latest in the Bosch Indego range is a stylish looking robotic mower that will look really cool in any garden. Designed for gardens up to 350 metres square it will not cut very large lawns and it is pretty expensive compared to other models that will cut this maximum area.

It sits in our top robotic mower list because it has a unique feature in that it will cut the lawn in stripes. Most robot mowers cut in a random pattern wheres the Indego maps out the lawn, splits it into sections then cuts it in stripes. This will give you the ultimate finish on your lawn and keep it looking super tidy.

Coming from a trusted brand that has had years of experience at building high quality tools and gadgets it might be worth spending that bit extra to get the service back and reliability. Have a look at our detailed Bosch Indego S+ 350.

McCulloch ROB R600

The R600 is in our list because it is great value for a mower that will cut a medium sized garden. It has all of the features you need including programmable cutting a security alarm and automatic charging.

If your unsure about spending too much this is a good model to go for. You will find that your garden in instantly usable everyday without any fuss or noise. The lawn will look like a carpet more then grass as it is kept to the length you set on every cut.

No grass clippings to pick up, and the minute clippings that are left will fall to the bottom and feed your lawn making it look green and healthy. Definitely a great model if you are looking to dip your toe into this market but don’t want to spend a lot of money. Read more in our mini McCulloch ROB R600 Review.

Robomow RS630

The premium Robomow robotic mower is a beast of a mower that will take on massive lawns. The largest lawns are usually looked after by mini tractor mowers that chug along with a very wide cut to manage the vast expanse. These tractors are big and noisy and require maintenance and time to keep you lawn in great condition. Well the Robomow RS630 is ready to take on these tractors with countless advantages. Its quiet so no more noisy engines, it works while you are relaxing and it requires very little in the way of maintenance. This sounds to good to be true! For large lawns this is the future of mowers and will make managing a large garden a doodle.

Robomow really are experts in this field, building robotic mowers for all of the market from the small garden to the large expanse of lawn that would require a lot of care. It is an expensive machine but when balanced with the cost of a tractor or hiring a gardener to look after your lawn it is fantastic investment that you won’t regret. If you have a big garden this is definitely the one for you, so take a look at the complete RS630 review.

WORX WR153E L1500

The Worx L1500 is the biggest robot mower in our list. Covering a huge area of 1500 metres square this is designed for those that have very large lawns to keep tidy. The fantastic and robust design means this will cut your lawn every day when you program it to go.

A robot mower of this size has some real benefits compared to conventional ride on mowers for lawns of this size. It saves you a vast amount of time as re charging and cutting is done automatically. You can schedule the mower to go out when you are asleep or out. It’s a big space saver compared to a ride on mower. For most of the year it will stay outside on it’s base station waiting for the next run. It save a lot of money on fuel, running a petrol tractor mower id significantly more expensive than recharging the battery.

For those reasons alone you should consider this model if your lawn is this big. Worx have been building robot mowers for a relatively long time in this new market, this knowledge has gone into to building some great Landroids. Click on the link here to read our mini Worx Landroid WR153E L1500 review.

Why Choose A Robotic Mower

Reading reviews and watching videos of robot mowers may not make all of us jump up and rush out to buy one to manage the lawn and save us a lot of time. But in reality there are so many benefits to having one of these mowers that we thought we would list them to really get you thinking about how you can improve your home and lifestyle. The automatic mowers really are the future of lawn care and grass cutting offering features that conventional push mowers and tractor mowers cannot come close to competing with.

Below are some of the reasons why you should choose one, I think that there will be some big advantages for everyone! Buying the cheapest robotic lawn mower isn’t the best way to make your selection, so thinking a little more about what you need is wise.

Time Saving

Just think about how long it takes you to cut the lawn. You have to get the mower out of the shed or the garage then actually walk up and down the garden until it is done. A mid size lawn can easily take an hour and in the summer this needs doing twice a week to keep the lawn in good shape. Two hours just to cut the lawn is a lot of work for many people that have busy work and family lives, taking time out to manage the lawn means sacrificing time doing the things you enjoy.

A robot mower will take all of this hassle away and will cut the lawn for you while you are at work or in the evenings giving you much more time to concentrate on the fun things in life. Quite often the garden will become an even bigger job of the lawn isn’t cut regularly but with a robot mower it will do it whenever it is needed.

Energy Efficiency

Lets face it a nasty old petrol mower is not an energy efficient piece of machinery. With the price of fuel quite high and inefficient cheap engines they are not the greenest things. Even a push along electric mower will still mean that you will cut some bits twice as you go backwards and forward over them.

The robot mower is a light and energy efficient invention that runs on very little power. It has a small motor that is more than powerful enough to do the job but is not a drain on the batteries so each cut will not cost you much and will also be a lot better for the environment. The sensors know which areas of the lawn it has cut and will make sure it goes over ever every bit as efficiently as possible. If you have solar panels that generate power during the day this can be used to charge the mower for a free charge and a very eco friendly lawn mower indeed.

If you have a large lawn that requires a tractor to cut it a large robot mower will really be super efficient in comparison. The weight of a tractor means the amount of fuel it uses to pull you and the mower around is large. The light robot mower will use the same amount of energy per square metre as a small lawn. Definite economies of scale!

Huge Space Saving

We’ve all experienced the nightmare of fitting the really awkward size of a push mower in the shed with the handle poking out and taking up loads of valuable space. The tractor mowers are even worse and require a whole shed or garage to house them. A robot mower is a small bit of kit that is not a great deal bigger then a medium size box and can be stored on a shelf or in the corner of a garage giving you back loads of space. The mower can even be left on the charge point and small garages can be bought to sit over the top of them. Be careful that someone doesn’t steal you mower if this is the case. With many house very limited for storage this is a large befit to a robotic mower that is overlooked but one that to many people may be the deciding factor in the purchase.

Peace And Quiet

On a weekend a lot of us want to sit out in the garden to get a nice bit of piece and quiet after a busy week at work. The reality is that the lawn will probably need cutting. The robot mowers have very quiet electric engines that will run along for hours with out making any noise and will not disturb you. You can be sat down having a cup of tea and reading a book while the mower silently cuts the lawn ready for you and the family to use later in the day.

Keep Your Garden Looking Great

There is nothing better then a freshly cut lawn to look out over when the sun is shining but this can take a lot of work. Often we let the lawn go and then the garden starts to look very tatty a bit of a mess. The robotic mowers will cut the lawn as many times in the week as is needed to keep it looking tip top. They will work in most weathers so the lawn can be kept in great condition all year round. No more looking out of the window in the winter to a horrible uncut lawn. The more frequently the lawn is cut the better it will look and the grass will all be very even in length with no nasty toughs. The robotic mower will definitely transform the look of your garden!

Keep The Lawn In Good Condition

The most important thing to do with your lawn to keep it in good condition is to keep it cut. This will control the weeds and not let them take hold and will keep the water from sitting on in the grass and on the soil and turning the lawn into a bog. Robot mowers will keep the lawn cut to the length you set which will help keep it healthy. They also mulch the grass which chops up the blades of grass into small chunks and drops it into the lawn which is a constant feed for the lawn. In a matter of no time your lawn will become a lot more healthy and will look a lot better.

Cut The Lawn When You Are Out

As well as being effortless to cut the lawn using a robotic mower you also don’t need to be around. The mower can be programmed to be cut whenever you like and can even be started from a smart phone app for some models. This means that the mower can run at convenient times for you when you are off doing other things. You don’t have to sit and watch it once you have got over the shock of how well it cuts the lawn.

As you can see the benefits are massive and can save you time, money and keep the garden in great condition. If cutting the lawn is an issue for you or it it time that you could do with getting back for other things we would strongly advise you to read some of the in depth reviews and improve your garden.